6 April 2016


Date of birth: 04.04.2015
Gender: male
Size: 55cm

Charlie grew up with his sister Layla, they we’re born on the street, but they get a chance when they have been saved, and they could grew up in a safe place. From the age of 3 months we take care of them, in this time Charlie has become a very loving and tender teddy bear. You can read in his eyes the love and the wish to play everyday. Charlie is very open to everything new,when he sees a man he is melting immediately and his only wish is to be cuddled and loved.

If you wish to adopt this dog please send us a message on our Contact page: or on our Facebook page:

  1. Dorothea Klusmann 29 March 2019 at 00:47 Reply

    Hallo, I am very interested in . Would you please give me some more informations……

    I am living in Germany, Hannover…… and great garden…..

    Yours sincerely,
    Dorothea Klusmann

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