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Dear friends of Animal Life,
We know you are familiar with that feeling of wanting to take a pet home but not being able to do so. The reasons are serious (lack of space or time, or neighbours who do not agree) but still, the feeling of frustration and helplessness remains. If you have the possibility to cover food and other expenses for a dog or a cat but you cannot take them home, you just might decide to check out our SPONSOR A PET PROGRAM. This way you become their protector and you can help insure their every day needs until they find a forever home.

How it’s done?

Step 1: Choose one of our dogs or a cats and click the images below to see photos of each of them:

Choose a cat Choose a dog

Step 2: When you have found your favourite please fill in this form: with your personal data and the name of the dog / cat you would like to sponsor. You will be informed right away about his or her needs and how you could improve his / her life. A sponsor can pay any monthly sum he / she considers (the costs of sheltering a dog / cat start at 50 lei (roughly 10 Euros) per month but any sum is appreciated). The money you donate will insure food, veterinary treatments and any other needs. In exchange you will receive a protector’s certificate, regular news, photos and videos of your chosen furry friend.
When your protected pet finds a suitable family you will be informed and you also have the chance of choosing another protegee from our sheltered animals.

If you find our program helpful ad interesting please sign up!