Animal Life Shelter

The problem

Romania is going through tough times when it comes to homeless animals. The lack of a national strategy that would correct the actual situation on a long term is to be seen across the whole country, all over the streets. Stray cats and dogs will be abused or will find their miserable ends in some shelter that cannot offer the minimum life conditions. In Sibiu we have a municipality shelter but it was planned as a spay/neuter-release center and today it is working as an euthanasia after 14 days shelter.


The Animal Life spay/neuter and adoption center

Animal Life has started saving and helping both wild animals or strays from Sibiu and surroundings in 2006, be it medical care, spay/ neuter or adoption of homeless pets. The main focus is on the stray dog population and in the past 9 years we have spayed/neutered about 1100 dogs and cats and have found homes for 900 animals both in Romania and abroad. Another important activity that can’t be measured but has helped a lot the entire community is the support we offered to pet owners who couldn’t afford the spay/neuter surgery, their pets treatments or who couldn’t afford keeping their pets anymore. And last but not least, the education campaigns in schools for which we worked together with the Municipality of Sibiu. Our daily presence amongst people is, slowly but steadily, introducing the so much needed change in mentality in Sibiu.

All these activities need to take place somewhere and this place will be the Animal Life spay/neuter and adoption center, the place where the animals in need will be taken care of by dedicated volunteers and veterinarians.

The development of the Animal Life Center

February 23, 2018 Our shelter is ready! 🙂

October 29, 2017 The last hundred yards is like a marathon: even if we have to pass it on our knees, we will do it and we will succeed together 🙂
Who wants to give us a little support to ease the last steps can do it in any form: whether it’s money (here you can find all the ways you can make donations for our cause:, food, animal accommodation or anything else. Thank you and we’ll come back soon with other news from Animal Life shelter! ^ _ ^

October 29, 2017 We can’t believe it! Our dream to have our own animal shelter will soon come true ^_^ Soon the dogs in our care will be allowed to move into the new shelter. We still need to raise money to purchase a heating system so that our friends won’t feel the cold over the winter.
Thank you very much to all those who have supported us so far and especially to our partners who have given us so much confidence. You guys are the best!

September 12, 2017 They say there is no greater in this world than a good friend. We were reminded of that again today, when the fences for our shelter arrived. We thank Streunerhilfe International from the bottom of our hearts for organising the purchase of the fence, for gathering the money to fully cover the costs, for we would have never managed to cover it all ourselves.
Thousands of thanks to our friends from Vilshofener Hunderettung und Tiertafel who managed to cover the budget for mounting the fences. Last, but not least, a big thank you to Freie for all the help and financial support, without which we wouldn´t have managed to get this far. There´s still a few steps left until getting the shelter ready but now we know that by having these kind of wonderful people on our side, we will manage to finish this very important project.

June 16, 2017 The flap doors for the compounds in our animal shelter 🙂

May 24, 2017 About wall-paint, spackling, primer, brushes and rollers 🙂 ….
Being entirely focused on the International Marathon from Sibiu, we almost forgot to show you the last images of our shelter.
We have come a step further in our work, with the assistance of the UNIMAT company, which helped us with the required spackling paste. UNIMAT has been with us for a long time now and we wish to thank them again for all their support and for each step we were able to take with their help!
In the following week, our volunteer, Laura, alongside her father, as well as our volunteer Ioana and her husband freed their time and started applying primer and paint on the walls. We are very grateful to you, girls, and many thanks to your parents and spouses too for their understanding and the kind support they always offer!
Last but not least, after careful testing, we ordered the materials needed for the dog doors, which we hope will be ready in the weeks to come!

December 12, 2016 We´re using our last resources to end the winter preparation of the shelter. Last week we got our entrance doors and the missing windows.
We’d like to remind that we need the support of the entire community in order to offer the abandoned animals a home.

August 23, 2016 Todays pictures are not that spectacular since we are working on the electric wiring, the splitting of the technical rooms. These could be the last works on the construction site for this year, unfortunately, since our funds are finished. Due to the fact that we´re talking about 200square metres, the costs are very high and our animal rescue daily activities are going on as usual, we cannot afford to stop them.

July 14, 2016 These are the latest pictures from our construction site. As you can see we have finished the foundation for all our outdoor kennels and the home of our former strays is starting to take shape.
We’d like to herewith thank our friends, the Maluck family, who have supported us for all these years in order to get closer to making our dream come true. With their help, any many other friends who stood by us, of course, we know we are going to close this project.

July 8, 2016 Today we are working on the foundation for our outdoor kennels. The construction manager asked me about ten times if something happened, if there was something I didn’t like or if I was sad about something. I answered that everything is fine, the construction site is looking well, but I couldn’t focus on anything else than the image in front of me. Instead of the chaos on a normal construction site, I imagined the center we’ve been dreaming for so many years now: a friendly place with happy animals who managed to escape a miserable life, cute kids cuddling with the animals. They are the same kids who are calling us every day, asking when they can become Animal Life volunteers.
We’ve all plunged head over heels into this dream, the entire Animal Life crew and the every day battle of finding the resources to continue is still going on. Please help us make this possible, help us open our doors for all those strays as soon as possible.

June 6, 2016 Dear friends, we’re moving on with the construction works at the Animal Life center. We’re highly motivated due to your king support for the marathon (Semimaraton 2016) but not only of that. Today we started pouring the slab and next on our agenda is the finishing of the outdoor kennels.

February 23, 2016 Dear Animal Life friends and supporters,
As spring seems to be on its way, we’re heading to our shelter construction site.
We managed to finish with the windows but we’re still facing a lot of work: thermal system and electric wiring, finishing, kennels, fences, outdoor kennels. We’re also planning to plant a hedge and trees together with our volunteers, but we will inform you about that soon enough.
This is how our shelter is looking like today: we’d like to say „it’s been a lot, there’s not much left to do”, but it’s more like “it’s been a lot, there’s still a lot and we still need your help.”

November 20, 2015 The most important project for us, the Animal Life shelter, is moving on. We have finished the roofs the day before yesterday. It slowly starts looking like a real spay/neuter and adoption center, don´t you think?

September 23, 2015 Today we have met our Architect, Mr. Ciprian Pasca, and have discussed the facade, the positioning of windows and doors. As you can see, our shelter has started groing out of the ground and we´re starting with the brickwork. It´s supposed to take about two weeks, so keep your fingers crossed for good weather!

September 11, 2015 We come with news from the Animal Life construction site: there is some hard work going on there, the elevation is happening and we´re on to the second concrete layer. We´re very excited about how the construction work is developing but the costs are quite high.

July 20, 2015 It´s official! We have started building the shelter, we´re getting closer to the shelter we´ve been dreaming of step by step!

October 7, 2014 Great news! We have finally managed to get the urbanism planning certificate for the construction of our shelter! We hope we will soon post the project. Thank you all for your kind help!