How can I help


Animal Life is a non-governmental and non-profit association. What this actually means is that we only rely on ourselves and our friends who love nature and animals. Here you can find a couple of ways through which you too can enter our big Animal Life family. This is how you can get involved in positively changing the world around us.

Make a PayPal or MobilPay donation

1 Euro or 2, 5, 10, as much as you can afford, because your donation will be a great help for the animals in our care. For example, with 9 EUR (40 RON) we can buy 15 kilograms of dry food, which will feed 10 of our dogs for 5 days.


Donate through bank transfer

LEI account
Bank: Banca Transilvania
Beneficiary: Asociatia pentru Protectia Animalelor si a Naturii Animal Life
EURO account
Bank: Banca Transilvania
Beneficiary: Asociația pentru Protecția Animalelor și a Naturii Animal Life

Make a donation by filling out this form

Make a donation at one of our donation boxes throughout the city

Locations where you can find Animal Life donation boxes:

  • Clinica veterinara Sky Vet – str. E. A. Bielz, nr. 54, Sibiu
  • Clinica veterinara Exclusive Vets – str. Bahluiului, nr. 18, Sibiu
  • Clinica veterinara Red Vet – Bulevardul General Vasile Milea, nr.22, Sibiu
  • Clinica veterinara Vetcon – str. Justitiei, nr. 16, Sibiu
  • Salon De infrumusetare “Julia” – Strada Stefan cel Mare, nr. 39, Sibiu
  • Einstein cafe – Piața Mică, Sibiu
  • Supporter Sports Pub&Grill – B-dul Victoriei, Nr. 26, Sibiu
  • Cabinet Veterinar Fia Vet – Str. Fragilor, nr. 1, Sibiu
  • Magazinul Chinezesc – Strada Rahovei, nr. 45, Sibiu
  • Magazinul de haine SC GENIVI SRL – str. Lunga, nr.9, Sibiu

Help with the building of the Animal Life Shelter

Regardless if you want to help with materials or money, or if you are handy with construction tools, we are very grateful for your help! Please enter the Animal Life Shelter section and contact us if you want to help building this center for adoptions, neuter and spay programs.

Be a foster parent!

Our animals are constantly in need of foster parents, the domestic pets as well as the wild animals. There are a lot of animals who are taken in by us after they have been hurt or abandoned. They all need to be kept in the right conditions alongside responsible people. Food and treatment are guaranteed by Animal Life, you would need to help the animal by offering your time and attention.

Be an adoptive parent through Long-Distance Adoption for a dog you can’t take home with you

There are instances when especially the dogs taken in by us have small chances of being adopted and are therefore forced to stay for a long time in the shelter. You can help us take care of them by donating 40 RON (9 EUR) monthly for a protégé chosen by you. The 40 RON/ 9 EUR will be used for food, vaccines, treatment (if necessary), dog-beds, toys, everything your new friend needs. You are welcome to visit and will receive on a regular basis information, pictures and movies with your chosen favorite. Details here

Donate food for dogs and cats

If you prefer you can directly donate food for dogs and cats. You can choose the food type you wish to offer and send it to us, or you can leave it in our donation basket from the Europrod (Șoseaua Alba Iulia, no. 54, Sibiu). Or, if you live in Sibiu, we can drive by and collect it from your location. Please contact us at

Donate dog and cat beds, leashes, collars, crates, anything a pet needs

If you have something you wish to offer as a donation to our dogs or cats, please contact us and we will come to your location to collect them!

Be a volunteer and help us organize and manage adoption campaigns, spay and neuter programs or educational events

Contact us at

Help us walk the dogs

This apparently simple task is very helpful in the case of former stray dogs which need to get used to walking on a leash. They would love your attention and a walk in new exciting places.

Be a volunteer for the cleaning of our cat keeping room and the dog shelter

Helping animals has also less pleasant, but very necessary tasks. With cheerfulness and good friends time flies by quickly and animals will be grateful to us.

Become an Animal Life Volunteer or even an Animal Life Member

If you too think that a better world lies in our hands, then we dearly invite you to become an Animal Life Volunteer, and afterwards, if you feel at home with us, an Animal Life member. Details here