Cats for adoption

Here you can find a few of our cats that are for adoption. More ads with cats for adoption can also be found on our Facebook page in the album: Pisicute pentru adoptie.
26 October 2018


Meet Gizmo, a kitten with a character! He was lucky enough to have a roof over his head to have a devoted mother. Time has passed, Gizmo has grown and the place where he temporarily lives started becoming more and more overcrowded. If you want a playful and loving kitten, you can stop searching, because [...]Citeste mai mult »Read more »Weiterlesen »
18 October 2018


Meet Charly, a sweet and sympathetic little tomcat. He was abandoned in the area of a commercial complex, meowing after everyone until he conquered our hearts. Now Charly is in safety, enjoys the warmth and the love he receives, all he is now missing is an adoptive family. If you want to meet the little [...]Citeste mai mult »Read more »Weiterlesen »
1 October 2018


Today we would like to introduce you to Betsy. She is a shy female cat, but as soon as she gets to know you, she will put her playful and cheerful side on display. She was taken in together with his mother and the rest of her litter, as some people in their living area [...]Citeste mai mult »Read more »Weiterlesen »
28 September 2018


Stevie este un motan care a avut nenorocul sa fie lovit de o masina. Acest accident l-a lasat fara vedere pe blanos si asa a ajuns el in grija noastra. El este un motan timid care adora mangaierile, dar care are nevoie de o familie adoptiva rabdatoare, care sa il iubeasca si sa il ingrijeasca. [...]Citeste mai mult »Read more »Weiterlesen »
28 September 2018


Faceti cunostinta cu Sabrina! O pisica foarte norocoasa. Ea a fost gasita tremurand de frica la usa teatrului, nestiind cum a ajuns acolo. Refuza sa calce pe una dintre labute, dar desi nu avea fractura si totul parea in regula ea nici acum nu isi foloseste acea labuta, insa micuta nu pare fi deranjata deloc [...]Citeste mai mult »Read more »Weiterlesen »
28 September 2018


Kimyo is a loving cat who came to the yard of one of Animal Life’s volunteers. He arrived out of nowhere and he doesn’t want to leave until we find him a family as loving as him. He is a quiet cat who loves to be around humans. If you want to adopt this cat, [...]Citeste mai mult »Read more »Weiterlesen »
28 September 2018


Today we present you a truly special cat. It's hard to imagine how her life has been so far, so we see her as a very special companion. Hathi lived in a room of no more than 5 square meters , surrounded by many other cats, none of which were neutered. The situation got out [...]Citeste mai mult »Read more »Weiterlesen »
30 April 2018


April is a former stray cat past the prime of her youth. We assume her to be around 10 years old. This is why she was taken over with several health issues. April is an independent cat, somewhat shy at the beginning, but we believe that she can become a peaceful and loving cat with [...]Citeste mai mult »Read more »Weiterlesen »
20 February 2018


When speaking of Scarlett, it's often easy to assume she isn't really around the house at all. She never meows and you will only rarely see her making a lot of noise. Sometimes a whole day will pass without her being seen... except if one might be looking for her. You might find her on [...]Citeste mai mult »Read more »Weiterlesen »
18 February 2018


Two extremely attentive ears, two sleepy eyes, a wet nose, two pairs of soft paws, a bundle of joy! That's what you get if you want to get to know little Sansa. She is dewormed internally and externally, fully vaccinated, neutered and ready to be adopted. Our bundle of joy is not complete without a [...]Citeste mai mult »Read more »Weiterlesen »
17 February 2018


Meet Nela, a gentle cat craving affection. A brute abandoned her and her two brothers on the bank of the Cibin river. Fortunately for her, fate was not as harsh to this cat as it often is to other felines, and she could be saved in time. This beauty has her bags already packed and [...]Citeste mai mult »Read more »Weiterlesen »
6 February 2018

Mr. Mishu

Hi, there. I'm Mr. Mishu, 10 years old and looking for a loving home. I am respectful and cuddly but also well-mannered. That's because I lived with a family a while ago. In the end I got abandoned and I could not get used to life on the street. I am dewormed and castrated. I [...]Citeste mai mult »Read more »Weiterlesen »