Help for refugees from Ukraine and their pets

2 März 2022

Help for refugees from Ukraine and their pets

Good people and animals are the same everywhere in the world and need the same things: safety, freedom and love.💓 The Animal Life team is here, just as it has been for the last 16 years, trying to help as much as possible the animals in need. 🐶🐱

We hereby invite anyone who shelters or knows refugees traveling with their pets in need of veterinary assistance, pet food or medication or anything connected to the animals’ needs to write to us. Everything we provide for these pets is FREE.
Please dear friends in Sibiu, consider temporary sheltering a pet from the Ukraine or from wherever, and write us a private message if you can help. As usual, we provide everything needed to our fosters until the animals are adopted or reunited with their beloved owners.
To sum up: any refugee owning pets will receive from us all the help the animals might need. 🐶🐱💓


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