19 January 2017


UPDATE: Micutul nostru Yoshi a murit ieri pe neasteptate.In ciuda eforturilor depuse de colegele care il aveau in grija si de medicul veterinar, inimioara lui a cedat 😞 Nu a suferit in ultimele lui zile de viata, a fost iubit si ingrijit. Le multumim Adrianei si Cristinei care i-au oferit sansa sa isi petreaca ultimele luni la caldura, inconjurat de prieteni.

Date of birth: 2006.01.01
Gender: Male
Size:  Small

A ray of hope for Yoshi!
Yoshi, a very sweet old fellow, does not need anything else except the hope of rejoining a welcoming family. What more can you wish at an advanced age, than being surrounded by love and attention and being certain that you belong with someone?

Our old fellow had lost all these when he was found straying around the park in the freezing winter, shaking from cold and fear, with wounds on his little feet. He received treatment for his could and arthrosis and immediately accepted with gratefulness the warm temporary shelter he received.
Yoshi is now ready to be received by a family, a responsible family as he deserves, because he is a very calm dog, well behaved and grateful. He is sociable with other dogs and with cats. And as far as humans are concerned, we can only say that he barks with happiness the moment you arrive home and his love displays can only brighten your day.
If you have the possibility of offering him a forever home we await you to contact us through a private message

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