Husky – Happy End!

20 October 2013

Husky – Happy End!

We have breaking news that we have to share, Husky is now in his home. From being horribly abused to having a loving family. Husky has now what we dream for all our romanian dog friends. Have a wonderful life Husky!! You deserve it after all you went through. His story sounds like this:
We are sorry for this brutal images, but this is the reality we are confronted with. Husky, a very calm and friendly streetdog, was tied up and brutally beaten. He let us get close to him and take him to the vet. His docility brought tears to our eyes. Now he is in foster care and we are looking for somebody to adopt him, so he doesn`t have to go back on the streets. But unfortunately tomorrow we will find other abused, unwanted streetdog. That`s because the owers don’t understand that they have to spay their pets. A streetdog is always in danger!

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