8 October 2013


Bitsy came to me on a late evening after she had been hit by a car and couldn’t get up anymore. She has a strange twitch and the vet thought that it could have been caused by the hit. At a closer look I found her coat to be full of missing spots – scars that were healing and also found out that beneath it you could feel her bones, that’s how skinny she was.

I don’t know what her life has been before she wound up in my yard but it seems that she has had distemper – which left her with the twitch and someone has beaten her up really bad because she fears men terribly and strangers in general. With us on the other hand she is really lovely, plays with everyone and all the other dogs.

I still hope to find a “forever” family for her, but because of her shyness and her strange twitch it will be very hard.

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