29 June 2016


Date of birth: 12.06.2014

Gender: Female

Size: Medium

Not long ago, we found out Amal’s story. It was told to us by an employee of the company where the dog in our tale hoped to find a human to help her. Amal is around 2 years old and arrived, in pain and suffering, in the yard of the factory where we got her. Her leg was strangulated with a wire! It is improbable that she got stuck in the wire by herself, the way it was tangled around her leg proved otherwise. Thus, she was to be “grateful” for her cruel destiny – the amputation of her leg because of necrosis- to a …. let’s call it human.

Unfortunately, the news the vet gave us would not bring anything good to our dog. She is suffering from sarcoma sticker, a form of cancer, against which she is already receiving treatment! Even so, she is a dog which is not only extremely kind and submissive, but also very understanding. She feels that those who take care of her at the moment don’t want to hurt her, and that every hurtful visit to the doctor is meant to help her. Because every time she rests her head on her helper’s arm in gratitude. We are very faithful that Amal will soon get back on her feet, and when that happens, we would love her to be embraced by the family she so desperately desires and deserves. Contact: 0741 188934
If you want to help with the costs for her treatment, you can do so through banc transfer in Animal Life’s account: IBAN: RO41RZBR0000060007805439 or through Pay Pal: office@animallife.ro. We all thank you!


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