5 cats thrown away on the fields – ADOPTED

1 March 2014

5 cats thrown away on the fields – ADOPTED

Age: approx. 6 years

Sex: 3 females and 2 males

UPDATE 28.01.2014: SURPISE AT THE VET The beauties were taken to the vet just before they were spayed where we realized that there are 3 females and 2 tomcats (a grey-white one and a black one), the cats are adult cats (approx. 6 years of age) and that they were taken care of a long period of time by someone. Only this explains the fact that the black tomcat was already spayed and the female cats presented ovarian cysts, caused by contraceptives. We can only guess: the person who took care of them got sick or died or the cats were simply stolen by a neighbor and thrown away on the fields. Now, they are recovering after the intervention in a pension. The costs for the chirurgical interventions, treatments, housing and food are very high, that is why we would like to ask for your help again. If you would like to adopt, to foster or to donate for these poor souls, please contact us. Tel: 0741547605

Just before the ringing frost and the snow storms have begun, an SUV turned off the main road to an off-street which leads to the fields. It stopped there and someone threw out 10 (or maybe 12) cats. Then he returned to the SUV and drove away. That is it, he solved the problem. This happened a few kilometers away from our city famous for culture and urban civilization. In the first night on the open field at least one of the thrown-away cats died. Until now we managed to catch 5 cats. Another cat was already adopted by the lady who called us for help. There are definitely more cats left on the field. The 5 felines are young (1-2 years old), very sociable (they love to be caressed), cute, a bit too skinny but as they are now getting enough to eat, they will get better soon. They already got worming pills, were treated against fleas and were spayed. They are available for adoption. Until then we kindly ask you for help for their temporary housing. Let’s give them a new chance to life and let’s redeem the cynicism and cruelty of a fellow human. Tel: 0741547605

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