Review 2013

Dear friends and supporters Animal Life,

We have started the year 2014 with 74 animals in our care, which is a little bit hard, if we take into consideration the fact that all dogs and cats that we care for are brought under in pensions and foster homes. But, hey, what’s really important is the fact that our work goes on, that we are continuously growing and that we have’nt given up on our dream of getting to the point of not seeing hurt animals on the street. We want to do more for our pets and for nature and hope you can help us with our work.

2013 was a difficult year: we had more members and more sponsors but with all this also came more challlenges and work. Animal Life took over 294 animals and found new homes for 272. Over 150 animals were neutered and aproximatelly 100 dogs and cats were adopted abroad. We can also add the fact that 591 vaccines were done and a couple of thousands deworming tratments. What surgerys are concerned, we took over 28 difficult cases: external fixations, amputations and tumor removals. Here we can also mention hunderts of treatments for animals that are with us and also for those whos owners can not afford this interventions.

This is how our daily work looks like, but let us also tell you about our projects and special cases:

What the AnimalLife dog shelter is concerned, we have written the project, but are struggling to find a plot of land suitable for this. We have done the paperwork and now have to gain the necessary funds. In the next couple of weeks we will post a scale model of the shelter online.

Our car now works thanks to the help you gave us when we needed it most. Soon you will be able to spot it easily, as it will have stickers with our log on it.

Neutering: At the moment we are in contact with two major partners regarding a neutering campaign for dogs that have an owner. We will tell you more about this, when we have all details.

International adoptions are difficult, as we don’t have an authorized vehicle for transports abroad. We are looking for authorized TRACES transport companies that drive to Germay.

Taking over animals can be a difficult matter: as we are struggling with the lack of space, we are often left no alternative than refusing to take over animals. If you find an animal and have the possibility of giving it a temporary shelter, we can help with all that is necessary until finding a permanent home.

Foster families are those that take care of an animal until we find a family willing to adopt it. If you want to help animals, this is the ideal way to do it and we kindly ask you to contact us.

Becoming a sponsor is also extremly helpfull in the case of animals that are difficult to get adopted and will spend a long time in the care of our association. More details are available on our website and FB or you can simply contact us.

Adoption campaingns will continue taking place every last saturday of the month in the centre of Sibiu.

You can support AnimalLife by either redirecting the 2% of the income tax or by becoming a volunteer. You can find more details on our website and FB or you can simply contact us.

We hope 2014 will bring many good moments and peace and hope to hear from you.

All the best,
Animal Life Sibiu