We, the members of Animal Life, wish to contribute to a world where nature and life are respected and we are convinced that we need projects to raise awareness and educate, just as much as we need the actual intervention towards helping animals. Despite the fact that our human and financial resources are limited, we try to get involved in as many projects as possible which are destined to bring the changes we need in the society.

The free spay and neuter project – ONGOING

Since 2014, Animal Life is conducting a spay and neuter project, financed by the “Vielshofener Hunderettung und Tiertafel” Foundation. “Vielshofener Hunderettung und Tiertafel” is one of our most trusted partners, also as far as international adoptions are concerned, and they once again prove that kindness and benevolence can do wonders. Thanks to these wonderful people we get the chance of spaying and neutering 15 dogs every month. These are dogs taken in by Animal Life from around the county, as well as animals belonging to persons who do not have the financial means to afford such interventions. In order to subscribe to our program, please contact us through e-mail at: or subscribe here:
We wish to remind that only through spaying and neutering dogs without a Pedigree value, abandonment can be prevented and the number of stray dogs on the streets can be reduced.


Free neutering campaign for dogs and cats

Si pentru ca ne-am luat inima in dinti, am facut-o din nou! 🙂
In incercarea de-a aduce societatea noastra cu un pas mai aproape de ceea ce inseamna civilizatie, sentiment de bine si stoparea suferintei animalelor Animal Life in colaborare cu Fundatia Romania Animal Rescue si cu sprijinul Primarieri Sura Mica a organizat CAMPANIA DE CASTRARI GRATUITE a cainilor si pisicilor!

Perioada: 30 iulie – 05 august 2016
Locatie: Com. Sura Mica

In aceasta campanie Animal Life avut parte de sprijinul urmatoarelor asociatii, fara de care cu siguranta nu am fi putut pune pe picioare acest proiect si carora le multumim!
– FREIE TIERHILFE, Kleve-Germania
– R.A.R. (Romanian Animal Rescue), Romania

Half-marathon Sibiu 2016

Ever since the first edition of the Half-marathon Sibiu, organized by the Community Foundation Sibiu in 2012, the half-marathon became one of our most beloved projects. The half-marathon unites non-profit organizations and initiative groups through the runners they attract on their side in order to obtain financing for their projects. In 2016 Animal Life continues the fundraising for its shelter and the associated veterinarian office. More details on how you can help Animal Life during the Half-marathon 2016 you can find here:

Educational projects in kindergartens: Today’s Little Ones, Tomorrow’s Titans

– financed by the City Hall Sibiu on the Community Agenda

The environmental protection must not remain a theoretical concept. We are more and more aware of the fact that education starts from home, but it must be directed starting from the school, and more importantly from the kindergarten.

The adults’ education is difficult, while children can educate their parents easier and are more receptive while young to the influence of their educators.
The project ”Today’s Little Ones, Tomorrow’s Titans” has the aim of educating children from 10 kindergartens in Sibiu, both public and private ones, as far as the behavior towards society and the respect towards nature, resources, fauna and flora are concerned. It is planned for a period of 6 months, from June to November 2016 in the kindergartens from Sibiu.
The project addresses children with ages between 3 and 5 years, which will participate in 4 interactive activities and an open air trip in the Sub Arini Park/ Village Museum/ The Ecological Garden from Gușterița belonging to the Evangelical Parish.

Within the project, the children will learn about:

  • where the resources they use come from – paper, plastic, food etc.,
  • the way in which the used resources are to be recycled,
  • the way they should behave towards pets, towards other animals from the city and animals from everywhere,
  • the right behavior they should have in nature,
  • the nature next to us: parks, gardens, open air museums in our city, green oases etc.

The project ”Today’s Little Ones, Tomorrow’s Titans” will use a working kit for the children, which is designed and created by teachers and artists and can easily be replicated for this type of project.

The concepts presented to the children can also be transmitted to the parents at home, theoretically through the children’s impressions, as well as practically through a good practice book for the environment (The Little Home and Nature Book), which can also be multiplied in the future by the people who work in a social-pedagogical environment for other educational purposes.

The participating kindergartens will engage in waste separations while receiving special containers for this purpose. Furthermore, each participating kindergarten will receive a project logo which they can post at their office and a poster which raises awareness on the necessity of resource savings and nature protection. The participating children will receive a badge which will prove their involvement in the program as well as the fact that they are tomorrow’s titans who will save nature.

The institutional collaboration project “Friends without Words” (2015-2016)

– organized in cooperation with the Frații Grimm Kindergarten Sibiu, where the children learn from the Animal Life volunteers about animals and nature. You can find images from the various visits here:

Campaign for raising awareness “Patrocle’s Place Is Not on the Streets!” (2016)

– in partnership with Kiss FM, Rock FM, Magic FM and the Zile și Nopți magazine, which consists of broadcasting two radio clips militating for adopting an animal and preventing the abandoning of dogs. Furthermore, posters will be displayed on the streets and layouts corresponding to the radio clips will be published in the Zile și Nopți magazine.
You can find the campaign poster here:

Little Good Practice Handbook on how to protect nature and ourselves – Be good to nature and she will be good to you

This little guide book is written by people like you, who agreed to share their knowledge with all of us. This knowledge they gathered from their own experience or after consulting various people which were involved in protecting our environment or in other related activities. Their purpose is to help nature as well as to help each and every one of us lead a better life, a life which treats the world we live in with more consideration and care.
Perhaps these years’ biggest challenge is understanding the fact that we all are connected: for instance, by buying wood without the necessary paperwork we encourage illegal deforestation, which might lead to dangerous landslides or to the extinction of species which are important to the ecosystem in ways we are not even aware of. If we try to reduce the burden placed on nature, we actually help ourselves: to bread fresher air, to drink clearer water and to raise our children in a healthier world.

Here you can download our little Handbook: Animal Life – Environment Handbook