Shelter for abandoned dogs

4 July 2014

Shelter for abandoned dogs

Dear friends of Animal Life,
Little by little we are getting closer to fulfilling our dream: building a shelter for the dogs we are rescuing. We are painfully aware that one shelter will not solve the great problem of abandoned animals but we hope that our future shelter will provide a warm and „orphanage” until they find their forever homes. The shelter will have a capacity of about 100 animals, a quarantine area, indoor and outdoor spaces for each dog, a veterinary practice where treatments and surgeries can be performed, rooms for receiving families and also for depositing the necessary food and materials.
Each dog arriving at the shelter will be washed, de-wormed, de-fleead, vaccinated, treated, spayed / neutered and,last but not least, socialized, so that it can fit perfectly in its future home.
The road is long until we will finally be able to cut the ribbon and welcome the shelter’s first inhabitants, but we are determined to walk every mile of it.
For the first time we are able to offer you a sneak preview of the way our shelter will look like, and we promise to keep you posted about the status of the authorizations, cost estimations and sponsoring.
Join us in building our shelter and you will become a part of a big dream: saving souls who cannot save themselves.
For any details or information please do not hesitate to contact us!
Best wishes
Andreea Roseti
Animal Life Sibiu
0741 / 188 934

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