Red, the paralyzed dog has has parrished

7 March 2012

Red, the paralyzed dog has has parrished

Red’s story is one of those that make you wonder if you should be impressed by its sadness or by the way he stubbornly hangs on to his life. Andreea found him crawling on the edge of a road and constantly trying to bite his back legs, completely paralyzed; he seemed to be angry because they didn’t want to support him anymore. Since then, Red lives in her yard, cheerfully crawling from one place to another, unable to control his reflexes, and constantly having wounds on his back legs, because of dragging them on the ground, but still conserving his cheerfulness and gentleness, which cannot keep you unmoved. The veterinarian tells us the ill legs do have reflexes, but, in order to recover, he needs special therapy, swimming, and using a walking frame. But Red is 5 years old, so chances of recovery are going down with every single day which we cannot provide the care he needs. But he is the most optimistic of us. He cannot even wag his tail, but the way he looks at us with such delight anytime we are around, and how he vigorously frisks on his front legs, following us, tell us everything.As much as he can, Red seems to have a lot of will and hope. We really look forward not to disappoint him. If you would like to help, to offer your contribution to his care, please call: 0741.188.934 or write us at:

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