Eight cats looking for owners

11 January 2012

Eight cats looking for owners

Dear animal lovers,

We are facing a complicated situation and we ask for your help. We were contacted by someone from Dumbraveni, a girl named Rozalia. It seems she is living in a home where she takes care of 8 cats.  Unfortunately she has to move and she does not have the possibility to take her cats with her. She wrote to numerous animal protection associations, she went from door to door to find owners for her cats but she did not manage to achieve much. We offered to neuter them, but at this moment we have no shelter to offer them. We ask for your help and if you want a cat that can fill your house with joy and devotion, these animals need a home as soon as possible!

Unfortunately we have no pictures of them, but according to Rozalia they are young, under 1 year, they are very well-behaved, used to people and very affectionate.  Let’s try to help the poor girl and most of all these little animals that will end up on the street, if they don’t find a home….

So, isn’t there anyone who would like to adopt a cat? For more details please call us at +40 741.188.934 or write us at the following e-mail address: animallife.sibiu@yahoo.com

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