At Dumbrăveni

23 January 2012

At Dumbrăveni

It is very hard to describe how we felt when we left the Center for Integration and Work Therapy Dumbraveni. We had come with the intention to take over 12 cats, which were to be neutered and then placed in a temporary shelter. Also, we had come with the intention to refuse the take over other animals because of the lack of space we are facing with.

It is hard to describe how hard it is to pick the cases that need our help. The number of animals in difficulty is so high that we had to learn that we cannot help them all. Bearing this in mind we left for Dumbraveni.But when we left, we beared a totally different idea, after three hours in the company of the people who called us for help.

Imagine you didn’t have anything: neither your cozy apartment, nor your laptop, nor your car that brings you in holiday, nor that holiday, nor the family to spend it with.  You wouldn’t have the possibility to move as you liked or to earn your existence the way you wanted.

This is the real situation of the people who called for us. They don’t have a house, nor an apartment, but a bed in a small room.  They have no loving families, but some friends they are sharing their few happy moments with. And among these friend there is a small number of dogs and cats. We had rarely seen animals that have been taken such good care of. Their owners, who have different ages, with different illnesses or disabilities made sure that these animals had all they needed, vaccinated and that they shared the coziness of their room and their food.

These people are now in the situation where they have to move into another building of the center – which to me seems as depressive as the old one – and – surprise! They are not allowed to take their animals with them. Nobody thought that these animals had been given them company for so many years, putting a smile on their faces, helping them to be more relaxed or which had been their only friends during their stay at the center.

I can’t describe the despair with which the owners of these animals contacted us and then the joy they felt when we agreed to take over their animals. We tried in vain to tell them that probably their adoption would take longer or that we wouldn’t be able to keep the animals in the house, like they were used to. The most important thing was that these animals were going to be safe! These special people did not ask for anything in exchange. No penny, no cigarette, no bread slice.  They just asked us to keep the animals safe and take good care of them. They hugged us and told us that they would pray for us.

We left Dumbraveni with 14 cats and with the promise that we would go back on Monday to get some 2 more cats and 5 more dogs. With the help of the doctors who help our animals, the cats were neutered in one day.  Thanks to the members of Animal Life, to our supporters and friends, the cats managed to find a temporary home and one has been adopted already. With the help of those who already adopted 12 animals from us at the beginning of this year, now we have a place we can shelter the dogs we will bring from Dumbraveni.

If you have ever thought about adopting an animal, this is the right time you can write yourself a happy ending to the story of the people from the Dumbraveni Center.

You can offer one of these animals a new home by contacting Animal Life at: +40741.188.934 or +40721.157.104 or write us at the following e-mail address:

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