10 dogs and a cat started a new life

23 July 2012

10 dogs and a cat started a new life

Dear friends,

On July 18th, ten dogs and one cat, lodged comfortably in carriers, set out on a long journey. We’re talking about darling blind Alma, mother of six puppies, Foca – a sprightly young pup, in spite of his name, as well as wonderful Helmut. There was also Riri, who we found in a terrible condition last year, so badly affected by mange that she was entirely furless. All these strapping young fellows, together with Pepsi the cat, joyfully set out towards Germany. There, new families awaited them, such which sadly could not be found in our country. We thank Nicola and Marianne from http://www.facebook.com/pages/Streunerhilfe-International-und-Nordgriechenland/158000354255011 for their aid and providing transportation, as well as all those who donated food and medicine for these lovely animals, you were of immense help! The dogs and cats were overjoyed about all those gifts they got!

We also want to thank Aurelia, Cristina and Thomas for the constant support you provide as far as transportation goes, as well as the searching – and finding – of adoptive families for our furry friends. And, of course, we can’t miss out on giving a heartfelt thank-you to those who took these loveable pets into their homes.
The trip proved to be quite an adventure, filled with debates, dissatisfaction from the animals; it was tiring and hot, but the frequent and jolly stops, filled with walks to stretch one’s legs (whether two or four), helped us pull through and reach our final destination – with a sigh of relief! Now our eleven little friends have rested and are enjoying the homes they probably always dreamed about! We promise to return with pictures! Until then, in their name, we hope for more happy endings!

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