The experience of a spaying / neutering campaign of dogs and cats

11 August 2016

The experience of a spaying / neutering campaign of dogs and cats

If somebody would have asked us before we began what we had to expect, most probably the answer would have been pretty short: “To spare a number of innocent animals from suffering!” Looking back, though, we have understood also how we have to calculate the exact number of quadrupeds that won`t have to go through a traumatic experience. The number of castrations that we have achieved is remarkable: 357 animals, from which 212 dogs and 145 cats. This means: 212 (spayed/neutered dogs) x 2 (mating periods in a year) x 6 (average litter size) = 2.544 puppies and 145 (spayed/neutered cats) x 2 (mating periods in a year) x 4 (average litter size) = 1.160 kittens. In total there would be 3.704 animals that do not have to suffer anymore because they are abandoned when they are puppies. This would happen because of a male that is not neutered, or because of a female that is not spayed and very probably she lands in the street together with her puppies.
With good and bad, with emotional moments and moments that we have thought to lead us to the end of our strengths, with kind and understanding humans, that were asking us how we’re hanging in, or were thinking that a cold water could be very helpful and also with people that were angry at us, we have carried on for 6 days; days in which we have had brief sleeping periods and meals, we have worked though from early morning until late at night, we ran, we drove in total hundreds of kilometers, we have carried and cleaned transport boxes, we have washed floors for dozens of times, we have carried kg’s of blankets, bed sheets and cardboards, we have been bitten and scratched, we have climbed the walls to save a swallow that had entered the surgery room, we have chased the dogs and cats that not even their owners could control, we have laughed and cried together!
An experience that has led us closer to our goal, to help as many people as possible to keep the law and to not see any more suffering animals.
There are those people that we have to thank, because without them NOTHING of all these would have been possible! From the bottom of our hearts we thank Romania Animal Rescue: founder and president Nancy Janes and the doctors and veterinary technicians, named on a very good reason “the dream team” Miruna Berzuc, Roxana Stan, Valeria Chivu, Andrei Constantin and Anda Popescu – YOU ALL ROCKED SURA MICA – SIBIU! 🙂
We would also like to thank the mayor of the village Sura Mica, Mr. Valentin Ristea, for the entire support for informing the residents of the village and also for the generous space made available for the development of this campaign.
Then, we have thousands of thanks for the Associations that have supported us tremendously by fundraising and also by hard labor involvement: Nicola Lehmann – Streunerhilfe International and Marianne Braß -Freie Tierhilfe. Many thanks also to all the donors, which have donated amounts of money for one or more spaying/neutering-OPs, for donating disposable gloves and booties, disinfectants and bandages!
Not least and very important, all our thanks go to our exceptional volunteers, which were so very involved each day! Without them we would have had many moments of despair and helplessness:
key volunteer n° 1 – Adina, key volunteer n°2 – Mrs. Adriana, our extraordinary volunteers from awakening from anesthesia: Amalia, Diana, Georgiana, Izabela, Iaryna, Stefi, Adriada and Bianca, our friends and volunteers of Animal Life that were present and took care of everything that was necessary: Daniel Puscas, Bogdan Brylynski, Mihai Covalciuc, Mihai Niculescu, Ana Maria Acu, Adriana Bucur, Cristina Dinca, Roxana Ghiura, Larisa Rosian, Dana Stanila, Raluca Filip, Cristina Geana, Alexandra Dumitru, Loredana Luthelo Kaschovits, Andreea Man, our friends and volunteers of the association that took care that the appointments, the contacts and the information won’t degenerate into chaos: Volunteer extraordinaire-Oana Lazar, Cristina Cristea, Eniko Mihai, Radu Vulcu.
We thank you all for the time, the energy, the will, the understanding and the labor power that you have brought with you! We really had the honor that you all have joined us! Fondly, your Animal Life team that has put this project on its feet: Andreea Roseti, Georgiana Pop and Cristina Niculescu.

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