Meeting to approach the problem of the bears presence in the Dumbrava forest

6 November 2017

Meeting to approach the problem of the bears presence in the Dumbrava forest

Ursul-carpatinNovember 1st, the Animal Life representative Andreea Roseti was invited to join the ATOP meeting (the equivalent of a public order office). During this meeting, the Hubertus hunting association has approached the problem of the bears presence in the Dumbrava forest. Animal Life has supported the solutions proposed by the hunting association: the implementation of specific carry off measures for bears and banning the presence of sheep flocks in the forest (forest grazing is forbidden according to the Forest Code legislation) since they are causing losses to the forestry real estate and are, at the same time, attracting carnivores.
Because several official services were present at the meeting (Gendarmery, Police, Prefect’s office, Mayor’s office, County Council, Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Department), the Animal Life representative approached the topic of the missing emergency situation team for wild animals, the lack of a list of procedures for the emergency situations related to wild animals. Of course the WWF and the Environmental Ministry proposal for the creation of an emergency office for wild animals (SUAS) has been reminded, as well as the last year´s Animal Life proposal for the creation of SIPA (procedure samples, responsible offices and necessary equipment list). These have been ignored by the local authorities, as well as by the Environmental Ministry (who initially answered they will create SUAS).
Consequently, Animal Life suggested to invite a representative of the LIFE Connect Carpathians Project who has created the EIRS (specialized emergency intervention team) in collaboration with the County Gendarmery Inspectorate „Decebal“ Hunedoara, Fauna & Flora International ans the Zarand association.
Mrs. Roseti has also presented the document containing the intervention procedure for emergency situations related to wild animals, that was introduced by the above mentioned project and is being implemented by the county of Hunedoara, under the authority of the Prefect´s Office.
Mrs. Roseti’s proposal has been accepted by the participants and she was invited to attend the next meeting on November 2nd, held at the Police Office Sibiu, led by Chief Commissioner IPJ, Mr. Tiberiu Ivancea.
During this second meeting, Dr. Iain Trewby, the representative of Fauna and Flora International, Project Manager of LIFE Connect Carpathians, presented the management procedure for situations involving wild animals. In the open discussion with the representatives of the hunters and authorities, he gave details about the intervention team, legal framework and the situations they have been experiencing.
There was a good atmosphere and the main conclusion was the necessity of team work between all involved parties in order to solve environmental issues, especially the potential danger that the presence of bears represents. It has been decided to implement some preventive measures for population warning.
We hope that Sibiu’s authorities will consider the procedure presented by Dr. Trewby, this being a perfect example of good measures for all the country areas where these kind of situations may occur.
More details about the LIFE Connect Carpathians Project here:

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