March 8

8 March 2017

March 8

8martieIt’s March 8 and we have a loooong list of special women whom we want to thank and congratulate!
First of all, we are grateful to our members and volunteers: the work in Animal Life implies a lot of strength, responsibility and courage. Our girls climbed trees, crawled into wrecked tanks, cleaned wounds and took care of animals which were going through the hardest days of their lives. It is not easy to wipe your tears and move on, to witness cruelty and suffering and despite it, to continue, knowing that so many animals would not be saved without your daily work and efforts.
Further on, we thank our supporters, sponsors, donors, adopters and foster parents, women with a big soul who understand that Animal Life is only strong through our common energy, women motivated by kindness and respect for life. We thank our friends from other associations and organisations, who advised us and offered their help throughout so many years!
Nicola, Marianne, Marion, Nancy, Kristen, Barbara, Jenny, Sara, Suzy even if you live in other places, in Sibiu you found a second home, where you will always be warmly welcomed. The chance you offer to our animals through raising funds, food, medication and materials, spay and neuter campaigns, definite and long-distance adoptions… this chance makes the difference between life and death. Your work is appreciated more than you can imagine.
We are grateful to all women who work as accountants, secretaries, clerks, administrators, who work at counters, in pharmacies and in cabinets. We are grateful to all of you who smiled and told us you admire our work, you helped us when we got lost among paperwork and you have always been so kind.
We thank you Miss, MS. and Mrs, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, thank you for your kind words and for the fact that through your good soul and deeds you transform day by day our community and world into a better one.
Happy Women’s Day! May your lives be full of health and joyful moments!
With love,

The Animal Life Team

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