16 August 2017


20690473_1649269488439963_2036666785289858616_oAt the beginning of this year, we decided that the experience of Last Year’s Free Spay and Neuter Campaign is one which we wish to repeat. So we took our fears, shortcomings, uncertainties and lack of time, locked them in a jar and threw them far, far away. Because on the other side of the scale there are happier people and animals which will not suffer anymore, forming, as a whole, a healthier society, something we consider is worth fighting for time and time again!
This year, 426 animals were spayed and neutered, 174 dogs and 252 cats, and, since we learned last year how the ultimate number of animals free from future suffering should be calculated, we will present you with these numbers:
174 (spayed and neutered dogs) x 2 (mating periods/ year) x 6 (average puppies/ litter) = 2088 puppies;
252 (spayed and neutered cats) x 2 (mating periods/ yearn) x 4 (average kittens/ litter) = 2016 kittens,
This totals
4.104 animals which will not have to suffer a life of fear and pain!
The stories of this campaign are both happy and sad: from volunteers of the Association who went at night to capture cats for spaying and were hunted down and beaten by elderly “ladies”, the eternal friends of stray cat colonies, to a little boy who came to us, without an appointment, with his dog walked on a string -because he had no leash- telling us that if we can’t help him with castrating the young dog, his mother will trow her away on the street.
Furthermore, we cannot forget about a kind, beautiful female dog held in a chain, only receiving water and food, not one single gentle touch and who, during the spay and neuter campaign, probably had the best moments of her life, for which she kept rewarding us with kisses on every occasion she got. Or Lana, the dog in the field, who, after a life of pain and misery arrived to our Association’s care.
These were 7 days when we were determined to move mountains, when we got scratched, bitten and bruised so hard that we couldn’t properly stand anymore; We rested, on “fast forward”, and worked until the evening when we would fall asleep on the chairs; we crawled on our stomachs to catch animals in various yards, we had meat-deep cuts, because of which we came to call the antibiotics the “leitmotiv” of these days and we drove so intense, that we involuntarily trained for a endurance rally.
However, during all this time, we had with us the most beautiful people we could wish for and thanks to them, everything went by with smiles and cheers!
We thank the “Visul Luanei” Foundation for the collaboration!
Thank you Dr. Vet. Irina Corbu for your presence, your hard work and understanding, your efforts and great help and the wonderful spirit you brought along with you! It is indeed a true happiness to know such people!
We are grateful to the team of veterinarians, training veterinarians and veterinarian technicians: Iulia, Anca, Alexandra, Cristina and Sabina, for your time, efforts and help! You are wonderful!
We express our gratitude, once again :), to the Sura Mica Mayor’s Office, with special thanks to Mr. Mayor Valentin Ristea for the generous location he made available, his trust and support.
We thank our Partner Associations Freie, Streunerhilfe International, Vilshofener Hunderettung und Tiertafel e.V., Helficus – Die Sachspenden-Sammelstelle für den Tierschutz and Schűlerfirma-Schűler helfen Tiere for their donations and fundraisers. We also thank the private persons from Germany who donated personally or through these associations! Thanks to them, the spays and neuters could be offered for free!
Thank you to the wonderful people who chose to give all their efforts during the International Marathon Sibiu 2017, to raise funds for the Free Spay and Neuter Campaign! Special thanks to our colleague Maria Cismaru, who raised by participating in the marathon half of the necessary amount of money! Thanks to you all, these wonderful things happen! Here you can find the runners list as well as the people who financially supported them:
Many thanks to our extraordinary volunteers throughout the campaign:
Ms. Adriana – animal reception
Amalia and Diana – assistance during surgery
Super- Mega Volunteers present when our little patients woke up from anesthesia and for dewormings and claw shortenings
Iaryna – disinfecting cages, cleaning and helping wherever it was needed 🙂
Ms. Adriana Constantin and Ms. Adriana Moscicki – for the delicious dishes cooked for the entire team on Saturday and Sunday
Our colleague Larisa – for the marvelous cookies which were a true blessing for our taste buds 😉
And our heartfelt gratitude to those who are our colleagues and friends, those with whom we form a small family.
They handled the phone calls, publications, captures, information exchanges, after-work cleanings, animal transport back to their owners, managing the daily activities of the association, reparations and everything that was needed!
One day we all will see our dream come true and until then, we will continue to be present and active!
Because “among others, the future needs forward-thinking humans” (V. Ghica)!

With kindest, greateful regards,
Animal Life Sibiu

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