Animal Life at ICAWC 2017 (International Companion Animal Welfare Conference)

9 October 2017

Animal Life at ICAWC 2017 (International Companion Animal Welfare Conference)

In life, you need a few moments of courage. In that second when you have to choose between running away or fighting, you need to take your courage in both hands and fight.

This taught us a remarkable woman, Ms. Norma Torres, at the ICAWC 2017 conference for pets.
She was one of the remarkable persons who were there as a performer: there were also doctors and veterinary doctors, scientists, teachers, animal behavior experts, marketing experts, all tried for three days to fill our minds with information and hearts with motivation.

For 10 years, we have been doing our best to go to every edition of the International School of Animal Welfare (ICAWC): sometimes we have been funded by other large organizations, sometimes it was our only vacantion that year. We understand that nothing is more important than education than to gain as much know-how in our field. (Know how = success and success = saved lives.)

This year, ICAWC was extraordinary from several points of view: there were more organizations from Romania than from any other country! Not only that: for the first time, we promised to meet, exchange ideas and join forces. Beautiful people from Nuca, Transylvania Animal Care, Romania Animal Rescue, Save the Dogs, with whom we cannot wait to meet and collaborate!

We got home with big plans, with sheets of notes, with new business cards, and more motivated. We once again learned how many good people exist, people who daily fight for a better world: some vaccinate and cast thousands of dogs per month in India to reduce the incidence of rabies; others help poor people and animals alike, many extraordinary life stories.
One thing is certain: in order to make the world a better place, we must be better.

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