25 June 2012


Sunna was one of the dogs whose story shocked everyone. The vet discovered her in the municipalty´s shelter, he was first stunned by her back leg, it was only holding on to two pieces of her flesh. Then he noticed that her head was shaped strangely, she has probably been hit with something so hard that her skull deformed. He called us to ask if there was any place to keep her for a few weeks. He needed to operate on that leg and the streets are no place for a frightened, 3 legged dog. So the alternative would have been euthanasia. We finally made some place in a yard so that he could try to save her leg. The operation went well, Sunna was brought to my place when still asleep. She woke up, was so scared of us all, of the dogs, of every sound she heard, that we were deeply impressed of her condition and her way of being. I am sure I don´t want to ever find out what exactly she´s been through.

Unfortunately her leg wouldn´t heal and a week later the vet decided to amputate it.

After the amputation Sunna´s behaviour started to change step by step. She came out of her dog house, went to the yard with the other 5 dogs, learned that the 4 people living here are no big threat. She is very shy towards people, she wont stay to be scratched or anything. But she would so much like to do that! She is following us through the yard, licking our legs and immediately taking some distance. She only ate twice out of my hand but that might also be because the other dogs always manage to get first to us. She´s submissive to all dogs, looks at the cat without understanding what it is, is used to teenagers and loves food above all. If there is anyone who would like to show her that humans arent all monsters, that she can trust us and that she can get all the love in the world, I´m sure she will come around and become the most perfect pet dog. She is about 1,5 years old, medium sized.

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