Abandoned on the roadside – ADOPTED

25 June 2012

Abandoned on the roadside – ADOPTED

The dog from the picture stayed for two long weeks on the edge of the road Sibiu-Cisnadie, and when we say this, we mean that despite the rain, the sun,and zubzero degrees she hasn’t walk away from there for more than one meter.

A lady who was passing by, saw her, and tryed to take her home, but the dog made her mission impossible and dindn’t let her do that.Then, because there really exists people that really care, the lady went to the dog as often as she could and gave her food and water every day, this was the least she could do to help her survive.

The dog ate only after she left. After several days spent out there in the cold and rain,she was so weakened that we finally managed to take her out of there and take good care of her.

So far,from our experience and also after we talked with the vet, we are convinced that she has been abandoned in that very place where we found her, and the real reason why she didn’t let us or the lady take her from there sooner, was because she was still waiting for her family to come back after they abandoned her, untill the last moment when she got to weak to struggle anymore.

She also has long, clean fur,she knows to walk on a leash and does her needs outside, also proof that she had someone who took care of her before.

We’ve taken her to a canine shelter, vaccinated and sterilized her.

The good news is that she is going to have a new and loving family by the end of this week.

We want to thank the good lady who took care of her all tis time and saved her. Lets trie to do everything it takes to transform a real drama into a very happy story.

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