Codiță – RIP :(

21 November 2011

Codiță – RIP :(

For Codita “home” has always been the trailer he had shared with his owner and the shelter where he has been living  together with other dogs in need of a home. After his owner died  last year,  it seems that Codita decided not to make friends with anyone anymore.  The only thing that lets us know that he loves us and recognizes us is his tale which still wiggles every time he sees us. Still, it seems that he is decided never to replace his owner with whom he had spend so many years in the small trailer.

Although he is a sturdy, healthy dog, Codita will probably stay with us for his remaining years, in the care of our volunteers who always have a kind word and a tasty treat for him. His reluctance to be touched might be explained because of his untrusting humans, after he had had such a sad life: being abandoned in the streets, and then, after he found himself a friend and a home having to lose them again.

We are trying to make the shelter the closest thing to a home for him, and every little step towards making friends with him is a small victory.

If you want to give Codita a chance for a new home or of you simply want to know more about him or others of our dogs, please write to us to: or call: 0741 / 188 934.


IBAN: RO41RZBR0000060007805439


BENEFICIAR: Asociatia pentru Protectia Animalelor si a Naturii “Animal Life”

Str. Semaforului 11/13

550309 Sibiu, Romania

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