2 May 2017


Date of birth: 09.12.2016
Gender: Female
Size: Medium – Big

Amely is yet another dog who unfortunately still does not have a family of her own, despite the fact that she IS the ideal companion: she is well-behaved and so affectionate! She walks beautifully on the leash and gets along perfectly with other dogs.
Opening her eyes for the first time towards a new world was not a pleasant experience for her. After just a few days of life, she was mercilessly thrown away in the unforgiving January blizzard.
Hoping that destiny will offer her some kindness too, we invite you to meet her and consider adopting her. You should know that at first, she might seem a little shy, but after you will gain her trust – which does not take a lot of time at all- you will get to know her as the true joyful kisser she really is. She may be the most affectionate doggy you have ever met!
Amely is very sociable and ideally wishes for a dog friend, thus, if you have another doggy in your home, you are the one she is looking for!

If you wish to adopt this dog please send us a message on our Contact page: https://animallife.ro/en/contact-2 or on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AnimalLifeSibiu

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