14 December 2011


Whitey was probably born in 2003 and is in our shelter since 2006, she was brought by a former member of Animal Life. She used to live on the land of some company and as usual, the manager decided he wanted the dogs to disappear.

Albutza ist eine bildhübsche, ungefähr 9 Jahre alte Hündin. Wie viele andere Hunde, um die sich unsere Organisation kümmert, hat Albuta in dem Hof eines Unternehmens gelebt. Sie hat es geschafft, den Hundefängern, den unfreundlichen Mitarbeitern, dem Gift und dem höllischen Verkehr aus der Nähe zu entkommen. Sie ist sehr scheu und hat Angst vor Menschen und anderen Hunden.

She must have had a hard life because she´s very shy and afraid of people. She used to interact well with our caretaker, Lenuta and one member of our organization. Unfortunately Lenuta died and we tried to find a solution for Whitey. She had the chance to go to Germany and the one member who could interact with her went to the shelter to take her home and prepare her for the trip. She immediately knew something was fishy so she couldn´t be “captured”.
If you are willing to help Whitey, to contribute to her care  please call us at 0741.188.934 or write us at the following e-mail address:animallife.sibiu@yahoo.com

IBAN: RO41RZBR0000060007805439
BENEFICIAR: Asociatia pentru Protectia Animalelor si a Naturii “Animal Life”
Str. Semaforului 11/13
550309 Sibiu, Romania

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