Special cases

23 January 2017

Steluța – RIP :(

Steluta – o poveste mai trista Despre Steluta ar fi atat de multe de spus, incat nici nu stim cum sa incepem. In primul rand ar trebui sa spunem ca ar avea mare nevoie de liniste, de cineva binevoitor care, daca nu ii poate oferi pe viata un camin, macar unul pe perioada temporara. Care [...]Citeste mai mult »Read more »Weiterlesen »
19 January 2017


UPDATE: Micutul nostru Yoshi a murit ieri pe neasteptate.In ciuda eforturilor depuse de colegele care il aveau in grija si de medicul veterinar, inimioara lui a cedat 😞 Nu a suferit in ultimele lui zile de viata, a fost iubit si ingrijit. Le multumim Adrianei si Cristinei care i-au oferit sansa sa isi petreaca ultimele […]

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29 June 2016


Date of birth: 12.06.2014 Gender: Female Size: Medium Not long ago, we found out Amal’s story. It was told to us by an employee of the company where the dog in our tale hoped to find a human to help her. Amal is around 2 years old and arrived, in pain and suffering, in the […]

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16 May 2016

Oreo – RIP :(

Oreo, our charming senior tomcat needs a forever home! Oreo is a tomcat past his youth, who was hit by a car and was found by one of our volunteers in very bad shape. After he got a little better we were able to carry out some further investigations. In this way we found out [...]Citeste mai mult »Read more »Weiterlesen »
26 April 2015


Date of birth: 29.01.2014 Size: Medium Gender: masculine; Bob was found in October 2014 at the margin of a high-traffic road. He was howling and crying because he was hit by a car. Therefore he was taken and cared for by the organization Animal Life. His foot was not operated because undergoing this operation would have […]

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11 June 2014


11.06.2014: Lili has been adopted and left for Germany. We wish her to get big and strong and always be loved. 23.04.2014:Maundy Thursday. A highway in Sibiu county. Someone leaves a bag on the road. It is not trash. In the bag there are 6 innocent souls. The man that abandons the bag on a […]

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11 June 2014


11.06.2014: After all the pain she went through, Kati finally has the chance to be loved and happy. She is with her new family. We wish her all the best together. 18.05.2014: This is Kati and she is a little dog who had to go through much pain. We found her abondoned out in a […]

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5 May 2014

Special Cases

Under Special Cases you can read more about the more delicate cases we had to handle the past years. The stories refer to animals in life threatening situations. Fortunately, most of these animals are healthy meanwhile and have loving families to take care of them.

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28 April 2014


When we found Salty, our first reaction was horrified: it is not often that you see andog who has not only lost his teeth but also his fur. His skin was covered in bruises and we could catch him easily as he had probably lost all his strenght. Salty was found near an old salt […]

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10 March 2014


Benji is a 7 years old dachshund who was found in the yard of an outskirts auto service. He was in a deplorable state and, as emaciated as he was, his organism could not bear to assimilate the food he was given. The people who found him offered to cover the costs of his treatment […]

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10 March 2014


17.01.14: Tolea went today to the vet. His external fixartors were remuvet and was spayed. 30.11.14: This is Tolea, a poor dog who was followed by misfortune all his life. He lived in a village near Sibiu, in a yard, near people. He lost one of his legs 3 years ago. His owners were mowing […]

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10 March 2014

Nolica – ADOPTED

If one really needs to reach an old age in order to understand what the pain of bones, blinding helplessness, loneliness, and the fact that your life depends on someone else, then the gift of humanity is a useless one. This old and blind cocker was abandoned in the middle of the street, after a […]

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5 March 2014

Jack has passed away

Despite getting treatment, Jack could not beat his disease. We hope he is in a better place now. Jack is a middle sized dog that was taken over by us on the 22 of februray 2014. He had been found by a Person who wanted to help hip. As he was in pain, he was […]

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1 March 2014

Sylvester – ADOPTED

UDPATE 08.02.14: Sylvester is recovering very well after the surgery he had on Thursday, the 06.02.14, where his rear leg was amputated. He also receives eye drops because his eye was stung. He will most probably have a white spot in his eye. His sight with this eye will remain pretty weak. However, he is […]

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23 January 2014


FRODO  has been adopted! Although we didn’t expect him to find a home so soon, we are happy that miracles do happen. The doctor that treated Frodo feel in love with him and decided to take him into his family and give him the life that he deserves…now he has his own family and is […]

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19 November 2013

NUEVA – Adopted

31.10.2013: Nueva e numele de alint, ea a ajuns in în vara lui 2013 în grija asociaţiei. Avea o umflătură imensă pe burtă şi iniţial am crezut că este vorba de o tumoră mamară. Din fericire a fost doar o hernie care s-a rezolvat la operaţia de sterilizare. Micuţa ne-a încântat cu felul ei de […]

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20 October 2013

Husky – Happy End!

We have breaking news that we have to share, Husky is now in his home. From being horribly abused to having a loving family. Husky has now what we dream for all our romanian dog friends. Have a wonderful life Husky!! You deserve it after all you went through. His story sounds like this: We are […]

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8 October 2013


Bitsy came to me on a late evening after she had been hit by a car and couldn’t get up anymore. She has a strange twitch and the vet thought that it could have been caused by the hit. At a closer look I found her coat to be full of missing spots – scars […]

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6 February 2011

Good bye Mouse

Heartbroken we had to say goodbye to Mouse or Dintzi, as we liked to call her, after she spent the last four years with us. A short time ago she was diagnosed with bone cancer, which spread very fast. One day somebody called us saying there’s a dog looking really bad at the Mall. We went […]

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