Dogs looking for sponsor

What this means?

If you have availability and the means to provide food and basic needs for a pet from our association, but having no way to get it at home, you can help them have a better life by adopting them from distance. Adopting a pet this way, you become his protector and contributes to his daily living, until he is adopted.

What to do?

Step 1: Pick a puppy from our album “DOGS FOR ADOPTION” which is available below. In this album we are posting dogs who, for various reasons, will remain permanently or longer while in the care of our association, are old or require prolonged treatment, shy or less sociable with other animals.

Step 2: When you have chosen a protégée, please tell us its name in an e-mail addressed to Judit, our in charge volunteer with the distance adoptions: You will be informed immediately about his maintenance needs, where you can visit and how you can help to improve his quality of life.

Step 3: Once you have chosen protégé and you have informed us about this, you officially become the pet foster parent (it’s possible for him to have more adoptive parents) and we’ll sign an adoption contract.

Model of contract for distance adoption

From that moment, you’ll contribute monthly to his care, you will visit when you wish and you will receive news, pictures and videos with him regularly. When he is finally adopted, you will be announced and you will be able to choose another puppy.

Below you can find the dogs that can be adopted in this way:

14 December 2011


Whitey was probably born in 2003 and is in our shelter since 2006, she was brought by a former member of Animal Life. She used to live on the land of some company and as usual, the manager decided he wanted the dogs to disappear. Albutza ist eine bildhübsche, ungefähr 9 Jahre alte Hündin. Wie […]

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7 December 2011


Dutchess is about 2 years old and she was found in a box, on the side of the road, as a puppy. She is very shy towards people but friendly to all other animals. Dutchess will never have a chance of being adopted because of her shyness but she doesn´t seem to mind being in […]

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