Zdreanţă – HAPPY END

10 June 2014

Zdreanţă – HAPPY END

Zdreanta got a new name: Abel. As you can see in the pictures, he is clean and loved. He has a beautiful garden to play in and a tom cat as a play mate. We wish them all the best.
8.06.2014: Zdreanță has been adopted.

7.05.2014:My name is Zdreanţă and I am looking for a family. I was abandoned last year but as I am very friendly I made many human friens. A friend of mine saved after I got caught by the dog catchers and brought to the shelter. Now I am living with another friend, but she can not keep me for  much longer. They say I am a miracle dog: I am approximately 2 years old, middle sized and very playful. I am also neutered. I am well behaved, walk in the leash and absolutely love playing.

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