10 March 2014


17.01.14: Tolea went today to the vet. His external fixartors were remuvet and was spayed.
30.11.14: This is Tolea, a poor dog who was followed by misfortune all his life. He lived in a village near Sibiu, in a yard, near people. He lost one of his legs 3 years ago. His owners were mowing the lawn and did not see him … but Tolea was not taken to a vet. His leg healed by its own. How got Tolea in our care? A lady noticed that he was lying in pain because his front leg was broken and because his owner refused to take him to the vet, the lady took him to Sibiu. Tolea got the the veterinary cabinet of dr. Tomuta where he got anti-inflammatory medication, antibiotics and perfusions. He was interned and after his fever went down, he was operated. Thanks to donations, the hospitalization costs, the operation costs and one month’s costs of canine pension were covered. We would like to thank everyone who made this happen! 

Now, all we want for Tolea is a home! A real human companion who would love him. This dog is around 8 years old (December 2013) and in all his lifetime he never was caressed, never was loved, nobody cared about him. Still, this dog is able to love, he is capable of so much love. He is very bland, gentle, quiet and enyojs every caress. This dog knows to appreciate a family, he will enjoy every second spent with you because he knows too well the other angle of life. For his adoption, please call: 0721.157.104

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