20 February 2018


When speaking of Scarlett, it’s often easy to assume she isn’t really around the house at all. She never meows and you will only rarely see her making a lot of noise. Sometimes a whole day will pass without her being seen… except if one might be looking for her. You might find her on the window sill, observing birds or hiding in a closet. But her empty food bowl and the traces in the litter box will assure you she is alright and doing her own thing. Scarlett has a walking disability of which we now know it cannot be fixed, even after a complicated surgery. Scarlett is in dire need of a peaceful place and caring souls, who will respect her wish to keep mostly to herself. Every once in a while she will allow one to pet her and will purr discreetly. Due to her renal issues she is only allowed to eat special food, and only little meat and canned cat food, plus absolutely no fish.
We are looking for a temporary accomodation for this cat, and even better, an adoptive family. Should you be interested in adopting this special cat, kindly write us a private message on our Contact page: or on our Facebook page:

DOB: 10.2009
Gender: female
EU passport:
Location: SIBIU
FIV test:
FeLV test:
Enclosure: as a single pet or companion to a mellower cat
Handicaps: NONE
Compatible with
dogs: NO
cats: YES
Looks for: home
Character traits: very shy

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