9 May 2014


7.05.2014: Panda has been adopted. Thank you Vilshofener Hunderettung!

BElow you can read his story:

Can you still remember them? Well, meanwhile, they all found wonderful homes except PANDA. Our little boy is approximately seven months old and is a great dog! He is very playful, always in a good mood, loves children and gets along well with other dogs! Panda is well behaved and when he is fully grown, he will be middle-sized. Until then, he is looking forward to finding his new home! Contact: 0743.37.07.47

DATE OF BIRTH: 5.09.2013
FUR: short, straight
COLOR: White with two black spots on his eyes and ears
SIZE: middle

Before we were taken away from our mother, she used to tell us that each one of us had a guardian angel.

One night we were put into a car and then left alone on the side of the road. That night we looked up to the sky, asking ourselves which star shone for us. We tried to close our eyes, but the silence and the darkness frightened us even more. When it was day again, much noise started -it was the noise that came from all cars, horns, sirens… When people found us, we were trying to keep each other warm near a pice of fur that reminded us of our mother. We were taken by these people on a rainy day and knew that our mother had been right: we had guardian angels indeed!

One of this puppies is Panda. He and his sister Inna are the only ones who have not found their own family. Panda is a dog that needs much love and understanding. He is a sweet dog, that loves to play an is very active. He gets along fine with other dogs and absolutely loves children.

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