Pakita and Pablo – ADOPTED

21 April 2016

Pakita and Pablo – ADOPTED

Today we present two rarities. One, in the sense of resemblance and another, as exceptional. Pablo and Pakita are two wonderful cats. So it was from the moment they arrived in our care. Although they lived in a colony of cats, they were inseparable from each other. They are very affectionate to each other, they wash one another, play, snuggled next to each other, they simply love one another.
The other rarity, and more special, is that Pakita is a female. We are proud that she come in our care. This is very rare in cats, orange being specific genetic to male cats. Because they have a much longer story than we have presented here and they went through a lot together, we want to keep them together. So we decided that Pablo and Pakita to be adopted only together, plus a ton of love that they will spread around them. You will understand what we are talking about when you see them.

Pablo Pakita are dewormed internal and external and neutered. They are young, around one year old. Those interested to adopt them please call us at: 0741.160.821
Thanks !!

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