OYSHO – Adopted

19 January 2017

OYSHO – Adopted

Date of birth: 07.12.2016

Sex: Male
Size: Medium-Big
Hobbies: The study of human face and body gestures, Falling asleep with the head in his guardian’s hand, The art of espionage, Story telling
OYSHO is the name of this 5 week old bundle of fur, who surprised us in three days with his personality, in a way others rarely managed to.

OYSHO was found all covered in snow in the middle of the road at the city border. A car had already driven over him and another one missed him by a few centimeters. In the third car, there was a person who realized that the little clump on the road was not a dirty snow ball fallen from a car’s wheels…and that the “dirty snow ball” was moving. After he warmed up a little, we discovered that his tiny body was covered in flee wounds and dirt matted in the fur which covered such small and fragile bones. The first hours he spent sleeping in his new crate and we were thinking that after he would wake up and eat a little, he will turn into a live toy…But it did not turn out that way. His first gesture was to deeply look into the eyes of the one who saved him, with a warmth that could melt icebergs! “Ok”, we said to ourselves and started opening the can, thinking he would eat it all up in seconds…But it did not turn out that way. OYSHO was much more interested in what the human in front of him was doing by carefully examining every movement and gesture. When he finally started eating, we realized who we were dealing with: a thinker, an analyst of body language and a great orator, because the whole time he was eating he also “told us stories”! 
OSHYO simply adores being around humans, he loves playing and being petted, but not quite as much as he enjoys studying and trying to understand every movement of the people around him. He is looking for at least a temporary family, because we are sure that such a special pup will very soon find his perfect forever humans!


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