Nolica – ADOPTED

10 March 2014

Nolica – ADOPTED

If one really needs to reach an old age in order to understand what the pain of bones, blinding helplessness, loneliness, and the fact that your life depends on someone else, then the gift of humanity is a useless one. This old and blind cocker was abandoned in the middle of the street, after a lifetime in which she for sure knew how to be a loyal friend and a member of a family. The smiles, attention and care that she received were gone just like a beautiful dream, and in the end she found herself in the street, cold and without food ! She is docile, quiet and appreciates the care that she receives since she was found. For her we are looking for a warm place near a person that could understand and love her, a place where this poor soul could live his senescence in peace, because if we close our eyes when faceing the old age of other beings, then we can as well ask ourselves what will happen to us when we will get old. If you think that you could offer her a chance, please contact 0040721.157.104

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