22 October 2018


During this year a worrying number of baby cats were found thrown away in different locations. This was also the story of Moody, a real little walking-fur, which is temporary in the care of our friend Alina. Moody, was separated from his mother and abandoned when he was still breastfed. It seems the kitten is one of the lucky ones: he had the chance of reaching the love and protection of two warm hands, which harmoniously grow him up. Now he is learning the rules of the house and how to eat alone. A minute spent with him is like an hour of therapy! We are waiting for you to meet him!

If you wish to adopt this cat please send us a private message on our Contact page or on Facebook:

DOB: 20.09.2018
Sex: male
Friendly with dogs: –
Friendly with other cats: –
Spay/Neutered: No
Dewormed: No

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