Misu’ – Adopted

10 February 2016

Misu’ – Adopted

Misu’, a 4 months old litter kitty, got in care of Animal Life in December. Someone told us about his case: a very weak kitty cat with a paw longer than the others, trying to walk and begging attention. After a more thorough investigation we discovered that not only he had his paw cut out of articulation, but the whole tissue was necrotic. We do not know what he went through, but one thing is certain: this tiny kitty suffered a lot. Amputation was necessary. This couldn’t be done from the beginning, we didn’t knew if he will survive the anesthesia. We kept him under observation, and we administered painkillers and vitamins and slowly he started to get strenght.
We all thought at first that Misu is a little girl. The face, the look and the behavior told us that. But he is a male cat. He was good from the beginning, friendly and loving to everyone. From the first day he arrived, to our warm place and away from any danger, he realized that we want the best for him. His amputated paw does not seem to bother him. Actually he started getting better adapt without it, as you can see in the video below. He is a cheerful and optimistic litter kitty. We’re looking for a family with a big heart to adopt him, because he certainly will love you! If you want to adopt him, please call: 0741.160.821

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