MIRI – Adopted

1 November 2016

MIRI – Adopted

Date of birth:  02.04.2015

Gender: Female

Size: Medium

What can be more beautiful in this world than seeing that your efforts were not in vain and you are rewarded with shimmering eyes full of love and lots of kisses? Who gets to know Miri will understand what we are talking about.
Miri used to be a stray, living off the mercy of others, day by day. She had problems with one eye which got sick. Life was not to kind to her at all But she received timely treatment and the temporal shelter she was taken in offered her human interaction and much needed attention. These were enough for an amazing transformation! Miri is now a healthy girl, extremely happy and full of life.
We are looking for an owner together with whom she will continue this transformation. She does not need very much, just a stable shelter, love and respect. If you want to have a happy life together with her, we wait for you to get in touch with us.

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