26 May 2015


Date of birth: 02.03.2014

Gender: female

Size: Big, about 50cm

MIRA was found in a ditch, dehydrated and starving – according to the veterinarian’s evaluation – for at least 2 weeks. Still, she survived, even with her collection of open wounds … However, according to her health evaluation we found out that the day she was rescued would have been the last day of her miserable life… She is now carefully fed and treated by one of our colleagues who after only 5 days declared she fell in love with her special character that was hidden behind her wounds and physical weakness. Our girl is medium-large sized and is approx. 1 years old. She is loving, playful and shows a childish happiness whenever she gets human attention. She promised to get well soon and she is already looking for her perfect family! 

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