24 March 2017


Date of birth: 26.09.2016
Gender: Male
Size: Medium

Come and meet Marco, an adorable enigma, a young soul which entered our Association despite the fact that his place is not in a dog shelter, but in the middle of a loving family.
With his exemplary behaviour it’s impossible not to love him.
The perfect balance between curiosity and shyness. Marco knows his place, but at the same time also knows how to win over people’s hearts. He is extremely curious with respect to all that is new, but is also docile, hungry for knowledge and eager to learn new tricks. He is playful all the time and is always waiting: a friendly touch, a kind word, everything he needs to be happy. While eating, he always awaits his turn, despite his ultra-mega-eagerness when it comes to his snack.
He is a dog who is perfect for a yard, because he adores playing, is very friendly with other dogs and does not enter fights with them, he respectfully retreats. Not to mention that he is desperate for human attention and love.
Marco impatiently awaits to find his family.

If you wish to adopt this dog please send us a message on our Contact page: or on our Facebook page:

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