26 April 2015


We named her Lizuca, after the main character in a children’s story. She was found in Sibiu, near the Dumbrava general store. Even though her life was no fairy tale so far, we hope that this chapter will have a happy ending and Lizuca will find a family.
When she was found, Lizuca was trying to cross the street but couldn’t use her back feet. She was most likely hit by a car. Fortunately, the veterinarian that examined her confirmed us that she has nothing broken and her condition improved significantly until the next day. Now, Lizuca is fully recovered and healthy. She is a very good, kind, friendly and playfull dog and she likes to eat a lot. She sits very calm in the car and walks on a leash.
Lizuca is a medium sized dog (approximately 18 kg) and we estimate she is 3-4 years old. In the area where we found her nobody recognised her so we don’t know how her life was before she was found, but we really want her to find the loving family she deserves. She is now in Sibiu but can be transported to any town she could find a home in. 


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