3 May 2016


Date of birth: 04.04.2015
Gender: male
Size: big, 58cm

For those of you interested in Mioritic beauties!
We present to you the newest “models”, unique models of course.
Lars was born in a yard which had recently been rented by a good-natured person, thus receiving the chance of being saved and raised in safety. At the age of 5 months he was brought to our care together with his little brothers, growing up to be a sweet and loving teddy bear. Kindness and the need of affection can easily be read in his eyes, as well as the desire to play and the openness towards everything that is new. As soon as he sees a human, he melts away and wishes for nothing more than to be hugged and loved! Lars has reached maturity, he grew up to be a big sized dog, as big as the love he will offer to the family which will adopt him 🙂

If you wish to adopt this dog please send us a message on our Contact page: or on our Facebook page:

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