1 October 2018


What do you do when you wake up with a little ball of fur meowing underneath your window? This is where Kiki’s story begins, or at least from here we know his story. Kiki was abandoned in bad condition under the window of a volunteer. He was weak and had an ugly infection in the mouth area. Because of the pain or maybe due to his life experience, he tended to be violent with people. In the four weeks since he is with us was a therapy, both for him and for us. Kiki has learned that not all people are evil and that he can be around them without fears. We have learned from him that trust can be regained. Now Kiki is a courageous, cheerful, loving kitten. We invite you to meet him and fall in love with him!

If you wish to adopt this cat please send us a private message on our Contact page or on Facebook:

DOB: 09.07.2018
Gender: male
Castrated: NO
EU passport:
Location: SIBIU
FIV test:
FeLV test:
Enclosure: as a single pet or companion to another cat
Handicaps: NONE
Compatible with
cats: YES
Looks for: home
Character traits: lovable, playful
Indoor/outdoor: only indoor

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