30 April 2018


Jasmine is a rather young cat, that was in a great deal of pain when we discovered her. She also showed the signs of an advanced pregnancy. Unfortunately she gave birth to a litter of dead kittens the day she was found. But due to her pronounced maternal instincts, she adopted another litter of abandoned kittens. Jasmine is very friendly towards other cats, she is tame, calm and well balanced in her behavior, in other words, the perfect feline companion. And she is strongly longing for affection. Did she find her way into your hearts as well? Then please send us a private message to find out more.

If you wisth to adopt this cat please send us a private message on our Contact page https://animallife.ro/contact or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnimalLifeSibiu
Sex: Female
Friendly with other cats: YES
Friendly with other dogs: DON’T KNOW
Litter trained: YES

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