7 October 2014


7.10.2014: Hero is now living in Germany. Thank you Freie Tierhilfe and Streunerhilfe International.

6.08.2014: It is Friday evening and I – a 5 months old pup – am walking on the Small Square of Sibiu. Then, I suddenly hear two voices calling me….aha, they probably want to play with me so I run towards them to enjoy the moment. There are two men. One cuddles me shortlz, than hugs me so thight that I can not breathe anymore. Than I start feeling very much pain: the second man is hitting me in the belly and breaks my ribs.  I start crying and run as fast as I can. I hear people calling me, I hide behind a corner but somebody finds me. Two voieces are calling, I am scared but slowly approch them…someone caresses me and suddenly my life changes! I am HERO and I am a very friendly, well behaved and sociable dog. I want nothing else than a home of my own!

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