28 September 2018


Today we present you a truly special cat. It’s hard to imagine how her life has been so far, so we see her as a very special companion. Hathi lived in a room of no more than 5 square meters , surrounded by many other
cats, none of which were neutered. The situation got out of control and after a short while, from just a few adult cats, it got to 25 souls living in that room. Food wasn’t always sufficient, and health problems soon began to
appear. Some of them have gone wild because of the stress, others are still recovering.

Yes, as you may have realized, Hathi is part of the Cisnadie colony of cats where Animal Life intervened two months ago. Although underdeveloped due to bad, insufficient food, she was a protective mother for many
generations of kittens. We took her in with a respiratory problem which, after the medical control, turned out to be pneumonia. At the moment she is recovering both physically and mentally, we believe. We still have to work
on her trust in people, but the steps we’re taking forward are promising.

If you are looking for a companion and want a quiet, loving cat, we warmly recommend Hathi. You will receive, besides everything else, a great amount of gratitude from this cat. We are waiting for you to meet her!

If you wisth to adopt this cat please send us a private message on our Contact page https://animallife.ro/en/contact-2 or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnimalLifeSibiu

DOB: approx.. 2017
Gender: female
Castrated: YES
Vaccinated: YES
EU passport:
Location: SIBIU
FIV test:
FeLV test:
Enclosure: as a single pet or companion to a calm cat
Handicaps: NONE
Compatible with
cats: YES
Looks for: home, may also have access outdoors but only with supervision
Character traits: calm, shy, needs socialization
Indoor/outdoor: indoor, outdoor only with supervision

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