GRACIE – Adopted

19 January 2017

GRACIE – Adopted

Birthday: 01.08.2016

Sex: Female

Size: Medium

GRACIE- A name which in this case translates as beauty, gentleness and a little bit of craziness- is an approximately 6 month old pup which had at least a bit of luck in life, since she has been abandoned at the doorstep of a big-hearted person.

GRACIE is a puppy who is friendly with other dogs, very playful, with alpinist tendencies…since she is passionate about climbing on the fence every now and then. At the same time she gets along great with children and gets very easily attached to people around her. In her behavior one can sense some shades of uncertainty and timidity too, which will be driven away the moment she finds the family ready to give her a chance at happiness!


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