GILU – Adopted

24 March 2017

GILU – Adopted

Date of birth: 30.09.2106

Gender: Male

Size:   Medium

Greetings from Gilu, a very lovely character among the Animal Life dogs.
Gilu is kind and friendly.

He loves to receive cuddles and the pleading look in his eyes is his biggest quality and helps him obtain everything he desires.
A medium sized doggy, with a surprising degree of intelligence, he can be the perfect companion, a lifelong friend and a partner in pranks. He is a big eater too! Despite the fact that he is the ideal playing buddy for all the dogs of the Association, when it’s time for food, he is the one to give the start and to set the rules.
Gilu has the advantage of being a young dog, thus, besides already being educated, he has real capacities of learning new things and is awaiting an adoptive family next to whom he can cuddle up to. For more details we wait for you to contact us through a private message.

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